Raise Your Voice

Did you know that if the world’s cattle formed a nation, it would be the 3rd largest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the U.S.? From nutritional guidelines to agriculture policy, your vote and voice matters.


Support Local, Regional and Sustainable Agriculture

Stand with the United Nations in the call to move away from foods that have negative impacts on the climate and our ecosystems. Support healthy food systems and communities.


Adopt a Plant-Centered Diet

We can cut our carbon “foodprint” in half—yes, that’s right, in half—by eating plant-based foods. Here are resources to guide the way.

News & Media

Posted May 24, 2016 by Becca Bartholomew
Think Progress China 1024x682

China’s New Dietary Guidelines Could Be Good News For The Climate

Chinese food has fans around the world, but in China it’s creating a problem.
Posted May 13, 2016 by Design Action

The Netherlands New Dietary Guidelines

The Dutch government has a new message for its residents: when it comes to meat, less is more.